Mission Statement


At International Learning Center, we welcome all families. Our focus is to develop children from diverse backgrounds, to appreciate enriching experiences, cultural diversity, and academic achievement, as we build each child’s learning skills. 


Our goal is to enrich the family by focusing on the whole child. We do this by providing a secure, safe, and home-style environment where the staff and parents work together in partnership while giving each child quality care, educational excellence, and developmental support. 


At International Learning Center, you will find caregivers who are educated, love children, and are always willing to care for each child as their own. Our providers are professionals who are proficient in the areas of early childhood development, cultural diversity, and a sincere desire to grow and develop children. 


We are proud to reflect our dedication to provide quality care, excellence in education, and open communication between parents and staff.





  • To provide opportunities for children to engage in activities that will encourage the development of social, cognitive, perceptual and motor skills.


  • For children to be provided with the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to work in a group environment.


  • For children and parents to recognize the importance of education and the value of working together with other families.


  • For parents to gain new insights into how children grow and learn.


  • For parents to accept their child at each stage of development and to help the child grow and develop positively at the child’s own pace.


  • To provide educational and social-emotional support for families with young children.